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Beretta 695

A great package for the game shot who wants one gun for all his or her shooting without breaking the bank. The Beretta 695 is a new offering from the Beretta stable and top of the range for shotguns based upon the 690 action. It is available in this form comes with fine, deep-relief scroll engraving and Grade 3 premium walnut fitted with a silver oval. Beretta is one of the world’s most successful arms manufacturers and, as expected, there are predictable levels of first-class build quality with the 695. The reliability of Beretta sporting shotguns is legendary – and even better if you look after them properly. This gun has evolved from the old 686/687 series. The gun offers first-class handling with no vices and was most effective. The grip is comfortable, the gun moves without too much effort and is pleasant to shoot. If you are looking for a gun that will do everything in the game-shooting field this could be the one for you. A great all-rounder.

Barrel length (cm) 66/71/76 66/71/76
Barrel Type Steelium 18,6mm OBHP Steelium 18,6mm OBHP
Chamber (mm) 76 76
Chamber (in) 2" 3/4 2" 3/4
Choke ** , **** , ***** ** , **** , *****
Finishing/Engraving Deep floral incisions, laser, stile DT11L e 486 Marc Newson Deep floral incisions, laser, stile DT11L e 486 Marc Newson
Fore End Tonda e a Becco Tonda e a Becco
Gauge 12 20
Lylium N N
Recoil Pad MicroCore (field) 20mm MicroCore (field) 20mm
Rib 6x6 6x6
Stock 373 (con calciolo Micro-Core 20mm) 373 (con calciolo Micro-Core 20mm)
Trigger Monogrillo selettivo Monogrillo selettivo
Weight unloaded (g) 3.350 ±100g (canna 71) 3.350 ±100g (canna 71)
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